BMC Austin A40 Farina.

The Farina-designed Austin A40 first broke cover in 1958, in what would retrospectively be known as 'Mk1' form. It featured much of the running gear previously seen in the A35, but clothed in a slick new bodyshell penned by Italian styling house Pininfarina. Power in the A40 Farina came courtesy of the familiar inline 948cc A Series engine, driving the rear wheels as was common practice at BMC (the Mini didn't come along til the following year). Initially just the saloon model was sold, but this was joined by the Countryman, which featured a split rear tailgate, much improving access into the rear load area. My own A40 is a 1960 example of the breed, one that I learnt to drive on and took my test in.

In 1962, the A40 Farina was revamped, creating the Mk2 version. At first glance it looks identical to the Mk1 A40 Farina, but a closer look reveals a longer wheelbase within the existing overall body dimensions, revised front trim, and many detail revisions, especially to the interior which Austin completely changed. Initially the BMC 948cc engine continued under the bonnet, but it wasn't long until the larger 1098cc engine took over under the Farina's bonnet. Few significant changes occurred in the A40's remaining years, which ended in 1968.

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Mk1 A40 Farina saloon

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